Ministry of Hospitality


Dorothea Cools-Lartigue 

Our ministry is comprised of a small, but highly-committed, group of parishioners. We are under the guidance of our parish priest, Reverend Boniface-Blanchard M. Twaibu who initiated the various ministries in 2015. Our Hospitality Ministers represent the entire spectrum of our congregation. We are truly an intergenerational group of men and women. We are especially proud of the teenagers who make up our youth contingent who serve on every First Sunday. 

We take our duties seriously as we recognize that we are the first ones with whom our parishioners and visitors interact as they enter our place of worship. As part of our responsibilities, we greet, we seat, we distribute song books and bulletins, we pick up the offerings and we also direct the flow as people go to receive communion.  Additionally, we are always available on special  celebrations such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and our Patronal Feast.  We know that we are instrumental in helping to maintain the smooth rhythm of the Liturgy, so we strive to be efficient, yet respectful of the process.

We meet at least once a month. we embrace this opportunity to commune with each other as we review our performance and brainstorm for ways by which we can improve our service to our Church and community.

We extend a warm welcome to anyone wishing to be a part of this ministry. Finally, we give glory and praise to our God who has blessed us with the opportunity to serve those who worship at St. Patrick Catholic Church.

God bless you all,